12-Month VIP Financial Wellness Coaching

12-Month VIP Financial Wellness Coaching

This program is a bundle version of my 6-Month Financial Wellness Coaching Program. When you sign up for the 12-Month Program you are getting all the coaching plus a years worth of bookkeeping for your small business.

Monthly bookkeeping is where I reconcile your bank accounts for the business, generate a Profit & Loss Statement for you to see where your money is going and if you are making a profit each month and quarterly, tax planning advice, and at the end of the year you’ll get a binder filled with every document relevant to your business so you are set for taxes.

When you sign up for financial coaching you are signing up for a financial journey into freedom, security, and wellness. I enjoy working with people to bring the good vibes to their financial lives and set good habits and routines so they can live their DREAM LIFE. I work with my clients as a team and help them to stay motivated and accountable for their money decisions. 

Setting your financial goals so you can live your dream life- making sure you have the proper vision for your finances, both short term and long term, and set up a game plan to help you reach those goals. Also, dealing with adjustments to the plan when things pop up.

Following a budget and controlling your spending because if you can’t manage it at this level you won’t be able to manage it at the next level- Getting a budget in place that is realistic and comes with a system that calls out exactly where you over spend and by how much. This info is incredibly important for controlling your spending.

Creating habits and routines that LEVEL you up and allow you to be consistent month after month, year after year- Setting up habits, actions, and routines for you to follow long after our time together is finished.

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