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Payment options available upon request.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Office organizing where we clean up your documents and get your workspace organized and get a system in place that works for you in order to keep your financial documents organized. 

Financial coaching where I customize a budget and spending plan, track your expenses, track your spending habits, teach you where your areas of opportunity are, identify fears or negative thoughts or feelings around finance and budgeting and work to shift your money mindset, plan for tackling debt, plan for increasing income, work to build your savings, and set up financial goals.

1 year VIP Financial Coaching is set up for individuals with a small business or someone who is trying to start a small business the right way. You should always try and work smarter, not harder and one way to do that is investing in yourself and acquiring the tools necessary to have a long lasting, thriving business.

This also includes unlimited access to me via text and email, unlimited feedback on financial decisions and questions plus a 60min weekly check in via zoom/FaceTime or in person.

Fill out my Financial Coaching Questionnaire and tell me why you want to start coaching and how I can serve you.

If COVID got you messed up this last year and you don’t know where to start with your finances, I have a very affordable option for you (because you should always be growing and learning so that you can thrive) … Fiercely Financial Facebook Group where I do group coaching in a nonjudgmental environment. Check it out and subscribe today so you can be ready for whatever 2021 has to offer!