My Story

Hey there, I’m Jessica Durbin. I am the wife of a Navy Corpsman Veteran and the mother of two beautiful girls. I am also a third generation tax preparer, bookkeeper and financial wellness coach. I have been in and around the financial world my entire life. Whether it was filing paperwork, answering phones, greeting clients, payroll, bookkeeping, you name it. 

When I was 18, I started doing appointments for taxes but my confidence wasn’t there and I didn’t have that certain customer service vibe that you need when working face-to-face with tax clients. I made the decision that I didn’t want to do what my family does and I left for culinary school in San Francisco. I LOVE cooking but once it became a job that excitement went away. I was around 22 years old when I decided to move back home. Flash forward 5 years, I was working as a manager at Panera Bread when I realized I wanted to be my own boss and work smarter not harder. 

I started doing taxes and bookkeeping again on the side of my managing job and trained under my Granny all while I was pregnant with my first daughter. Then, I had an epiphany, I might be really good at this. This type of work comes very naturally to me plus all of my years in the culinary industry gave me that customer service that I needed. I was 8 months pregnant when I quit my regular job to become self-employed and it was the scariest thing I had ever done. I was giving up this guaranteed paycheck every two weeks for a business that might not work out. I was also motivated and ready to create something amazing but I wanted to do more than just taxes and bookkeeping. I came to the conclusion that we weren’t taught this type of finance in school and budgets came so easily to me. My goal was, and still is, to bring financial awareness and wellness to people’s lives. 

I launched my financial coaching service and it took off! It brings me so much joy helping people achieve their financial goals. I enable people to live their ideal lives by making the most of their assets and investing wisely for that future. I educate clients on the basics of personal finance and, as a team, create a spending plan that reflects the values and goals of the client. I empower my clients to take responsibility for their decisions, support their continual learning and growth, and serve as an accountability partner throughout the process. 

I have so much passion for leading people to financial wellness. It’s as if I have found this equation that works and now I want to show everyone the magic of financial wellness. Finances shouldn’t be scary or intimidating. I show my clients that managing their money can be easy and stress free if you have the right recipe. I have big dreams and I am always learning and growing so that I can provide value to my clients and conquer my goals. Since starting my business, I live my life feeling financially secure and I love what I do. It is a pleasure to bring financial wellness to my clients all over the world.