Lunden does business in a lot of different countries and lives abroad in Austria. She needed things done correctly and on time. She was really overwhelmed by taxes and bookkeeping being solely self employed. Lunden went from struggling with her foreign earned income taxes and getting her bookkeeping sorted out to knowing exactly what to expect and which category to put all of her expenses in. She spends less than an hour getting her taxes organized at the end of the year. Lunden feels SIGNIFICANTLY less stressed knowing her financial wellness is achieved.

“Jessica Durbin has been doing my taxes for the past few years. Jessica is friendly and personable during the daunting experience of processing our taxes. Jessica is knowledgeable, honest and extremely thorough and she always had your best interests in mind. I look forward to meeting with her each year as she smiles and laughs and clearly enjoys what she does! I highly recommend making an appointment with Jessica Durbin to make your next tax experience the best it can possibly be.”

“We have been loyal customers to Jessica for many years. Jessica does an amazing job and has such great customer service. She always answers all our tax questions. You will not be disappointed.”

“We cannot recommend Jessica enough! She does everything she can to make sure that we get the best possible refund. She is always quick to respond and available to answer any tax or bookkeeping questions that we may have. She explains things thoroughly and helps put our tax worries at ease.” 

“Jessica is so helpful with any of our tax needs. She goes above and beyond, not only was she professional, she has a great personality that makes you feel comfortable and someone you can relate to. We are so thankful to have her as our tax expert and would recommend her 100% to anyone!”

“In our professional careers, we have interacted with many individuals in many different areas of expertise and service. None have made such a positive impression on us as Jessica Durbin. Jessica’s knowledge is comforting and left us with a relaxing feeling that our taxes were done correctly and to the degree that provided us with our maximum benefits. Jessica not only has the knowledge you want in a true professional but, also exhibits the personality and customer service that makes you feel like you aren’t just a customer, but you are a part of her inner professional family. When you choose to use Jessica, you are getting an individual who will always go the extra mile for you and works diligently to make sure your taxes are done correctly, quickly, and with the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. It is with no reservation that we endorse and support Jessica Durbin as our tax expert and recommend you to do the same.”

“Jessica was highly recommended to us a couple of years ago and we have been seeing her ever since. She is very professional and always makes sure to keep us informed of new changes. Thanks to Jessica we have been well prepared and organized with our finances and filing our taxes. We will never use anyone else again! Thank you so much Jessica. You truly are the best in the business!”

“We are grateful for having used Durbin Bookkeeping. All of our questions were always answered and were left at ease with the process. It is beyond assuring to trust that we are in good hands.”

“I am so grateful that I found Jessica Durbin as a tax preparer and financial advisor! She has done my taxes for a few years now and it is such a stress relief. As a young single adult it is extremely hard to keep track of my finances and live on a steady yet manageable income! Jessica has given me an extreme amount of knowledge in all of the chaos of trying to live a balance life. Thank you for all of your help Jessica and I look forward to being a returning customer for years to come!”

“Jessica Durbin keeps up to date on all the frequent law changes and counts all the little things that most tax preparers do not. She believes that every penny counts despite the time it takes her and thoroughly reads up on which method of filing is best for each individual customer. Thanks to her, my husband and I filed together for the first time and she eased my stress with her knowledge of filing taxes in the midst of a name change. Every year I throw her a curve ball and she catches it! If you have a shared dependent, are getting married, being self employed, receiving food stamps, and even being under prepared, you can trust her. Thank you Jessica!”