VIP Coaching:

I enable YOU to live your ideal life by making the most of your assets and investing wisely for that future. I educate you on the basics of personal finance and, as a team, create a spending plan that reflects your values and goals. I empower you to take responsibility for your decisions, support your continual learning and growth, and serve as an accountability partner throughout the process.

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Tax Preparation

No matter what type of financial situation you have, I will provide the best course of action. I serve clients with both individual and business needs. Tax planning and financial feedback also come with this service.

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Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly bookkeeping is where I reconcile your bank accounts for the business, generate a Profit & Loss Statement for you to see where your money is going and if you are making a profit each month and quarterly, tax planning advice, and at the end of the year you’ll get a binder filled with every document relevant to your business so you are set for taxes.

I am here for those of you who own a small business and are in need of a personal monthly bookkeeper to keep you and your finances in order. I take pride in my ability to keep businesses organized and reconciled so you can keep your focus on what matters… growing your business.

Check out the FREE video series on my 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Financial Freedom! This video series touches on Budgets, Tackling Debt, and Ways to Increase Income TODAY! I created this series for those of you who have been hit hard by COVID-19. I want you to know there is nothing you can’t accomplish and creating a plan of action is always a great starting point.