If only schools taught financial literacy…

Real talk: Some days it probably feels like you’re killin it going to your 9-5 job. But other days? It’s more like why can’t I live the life I want…

Raising financially successful children involves teaching them a variety of aspects from budgeting to planning long term goals, earning and saving. Besides giving them an understanding of the value of a dollar, teaching children about financial responsibility helps prepare them for life in the real world. Money management is a vital life skill and it is never too early to teach kids about the moola. Many parents wonder how they can teach kids about money and where to find the resources.

  • Maybe you have sat on your bathroom floor bawling because you are in so much debt and you couldn’t possibly set your toddler up for financial success.
  • Maybe you are living paycheck to paycheck and you dream of giving your child a better life.
  • Maybe you were never taught about the basics of finances and you are afraid you’ll never be able to retire.

So maybe you’re feeling like a failure or a bad parent. Please hear this. You are not a bad human or a bad parent. The fact that you are reading this right now is proof of your self awareness. The point is, needing some financial strategies and help navigating in the real world is perfectly reasonable. You are a strong and capable adult who needs some guidance on this imperfect parenting journey to your child’s financial success.

What you’ll get with this course:

  • Introduction to money and how it works
  • Learning how people spend
  • Understanding of financial consequences
  • Begin to build wealth
  • Tools to prepare for the real world
  • 4 Zoom meetings with me to discuss each weekly lesson
  • BONUS GIFT: Financial spreadsheets for budgeting, tracking income and debt payoff

Free Gift

Check out the FREE video series on my 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Financial Freedom! This video series touches on Budgets, Tackling Debt, and Ways to Increase Income TODAY! I created this series for those of you who have been hit hard by COVID-19. I want you to know there is nothing you can’t accomplish and creating a plan of action is always a great starting point.