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Raising financially successful children involves teaching them a variety of aspects from budgeting to planning long term goals, earning and saving. Besides giving them an understanding of the value of a dollar, teaching children about financial responsibility helps prepare them for life in the real world. Money management is a vital life skill and it is never too early to teach kids about the moola. Many parents wonder how they can teach kids about money and where to find the resources.

During these initial lessons, I recommend holding off on diving into concepts like credit and sticking to physical dollars and coins. Forcing children to pay with cash makes them feel an immediate connection between their spending and their budget. It also tends to help them understand the importance of saving. The reason kids love coins is that it feels more real to them. They can slide the coins right into their piggy banks. Not only that, but when you use coins, you can start to teach them how to add them to total another value. For example, you can teach your child that four quarters are the same as one dollar.

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